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I love my new branding! Zane and his team even won us a design award for how good it was!

Dr. JJ Quinn

Visual Identity 

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Wandering Creative was the right choice for us. They were able to complete our huge website project a month before the deadline set.

Scott Ton

Full Branding and Website

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Zane was great he completely understood my partner and I's vision and brought it to life. Couldn't be happier!

Savana Chevalier

Visual Identity

A branding agency that works for you!

Don’t select a branding agency that won't make you their first priority. At Wandering Creative, we understand the necessity of studying your product(s) and your target audience to ensure your brand fits exactly into what your end-user is searching for. In a time where there are thousands of brands competing in the digital space, a well-defined brand strategy can be the difference between a company that makes it, and a company that folds.

A brand is what your customers believe your company is. Branding is how we shape your company's reality. Within a sea of well-developed brands, do you want yours to stand a head and shoulders above the rest? When it comes to branding, research is king. Don't settle for an agency that cuts costs at the expense of your company.


Wandering Creative focuses on research that will boost your brand's relevance and effectiveness. A strong brand lowers the expenses for sales and marketing exponentially. With an established brand, your product(s) will be easier to sell, easier to find, and easier to love. 

Define Your Brand!

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Here are a few examples of the work we do. We help a wide array of companies in all diffrent industries. We take the time to understand your clients, and competitors to deliver you a brand that works.