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Zane Bolen

Coming up on 10 years of marketing and design experience, Zane decided it was time to solve a major problem in the industry. Clients we're paying way too much for subpar work. This is due client ignorance of creative pricing and of course agency greed. 

At the end of every project, Zane wants his clients to have a better understanding of the industry and to be ecstatic with their entire agency experience. Because marketing can be fun if you do it right!

Zane has a BFA in Branding and Advertising design. He was also named in the 'Top 100 Marketing Leaders' of 2020. 

Creative Director & Co Founder

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We Specialize in SEO and Brand Development

Wandering Creative is not just another SEO and design agency. Our team provides an unmatchable level of service, communication, and results. Only pay for the outcome you are looking to receive, whether that be the website of your dreams, or blossoming your current website to its full potential. Book a meeting today for a consultation, and tell us what YOU need.

Let’s Talk Numbers:

8.5 M

Total brand impressions for our clients


Total organic search traffic increase for our clients

2 M+

Total sales increase for our clients

Our clients can expect us to provide unmatched increases in brand impressions and website traffic that lead to directly to sales.