• Zane Bolen

A Picture Is Not Worth a Thousand Words.

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

When designing a brand, imagery is one of many crucial components to consider. Even if you decide to not use photographic imagery at all! So how do you pick how much imagery is good for your business?

You have to understand your target market and the product/service you are providing. National Parks can use big awe inspiring photos with a single line of text saying something like, "Satisfy your wanderlust.", And people will plan to visit the park to see more. But if you are selling office paper it may not be the best idea to have large sweeping photos of just your products. Try selling how people use your products, example: an artist creating an art installation our of office paper. While most of your clients won't use the product in that manner, it reminds them they can use your product for more than printing reports.

Carefully consider your imagery then hire a content creator or photographer to create a stack of stock photos for your business to use through out the year. Watch your marketing efforts with more personalized imagery increase your return on investments.

So, how are you using imagery? Need help click here and select strategy.

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