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The 5 Step DIY Church Branding

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Think you can brand your church all by yourself? Congratulations, that's awesome! This can be a huge money saver for you, and let's not kid ourselves thats a big plus to the DIY method.

Step 1: Pray

First thing you should do before starting your church's branding project, is pray. Asking God to point you in the right direction for your church is a crucial step to the success of your project.

Step 2: Pick Your Churches Core Mission

I know you want to jump right in to the (fun) design phase, but take enough time to realize your churches calling. Is it helping the homeless? Reaching the community? Feeding the poor? Whatever the calling is that God has laid on your heart, your branding should be based upon that ministry.

I hear you saying, but our church has lots of ministries. That's great! You just need to pick your largest, most successful ministry from the group and think of it as your core ministry.

You can only have one core mission, but you can have many secondary and tertiary missions going on at your church. That's why your core mission is a great place to start with your branding. Your goal is to reach and serve as many of the people in need of your core mission as physically possible. This is where your church will be its most effective, so take advantage of that and let your branding do some of the work for you.

Step 3: Research

Now that you have your core mission selected, now you need to research that mission and how to effectively reach people in that target demographic. Here are a few things to look for while researching: What colors does your target market like? Are they older or younger? Physically active or impaired? Male or female? Do they live in a rural community or a city?

Step 4: Designing

Now that you have found the things your target demographic will engage with, it's time to start sketching. For this step, think outside the box for a bit because you can find a cross logo on any corner with a church. The cross is the symbol for our faith, but it doesn't have to be the symbol for your church. For example, say your goal is to reach soldiers. Try using a spear head, or a centurion helmet, to represent the centurion (soldier figure) that said, "Truly this was a Son of God." That will resonate with your target demographic and you will automatically have a conversation topic you can use to reach your core demographic.

Step 5: Don't Stop at the Logo

This is one of the biggest mistakes I see. People will design a logo and just start putting it on everything. That's not all that effective. Try creating some secondary imagery, such as the soldier example that I previously gave. Let’s say say you decide on the centurion helmet as your logo. You could use other accoutrements of war as your secondary branding ie. two swords crossed behind a shield a or a broken spear head.

Don't stop at logos and illustrations. Pick 2-3 fonts that fit your mission. Pick a style of photography. Choose colors that work in your logo and connect with your target demographic. Decide on how you want your churches advertising and collateral to sound to your target demographic and pick words and phrases they are comfortable with.

If you follow this 5 step plan for your churches branding, you should see some really great results. If after reading this you have decided you need some help, we'd love to talk with you or give you some ideas on what to do next. Or if you are stuck on any step in the process, please click here and send us an email.

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